Got Social Media?

Your customers today are more connected than ever. Make sure that you are staying connected with them through social media.


Why did we decide to start this website? Like it or not, social media is at least for now an important medium for communicating with your customers. You need to give potential and current customers options in how they can communicate with you, and social media is a quick and easy way for them to do that. It can be a time consuming process to keep on top of a whole bunch of social media channels, and as a small business you probably don’t have the resources to devote to that. In our opinion it’s best to pick one or two different channels that will likely have more of your customer base and focus on those.

Like anything else, social media can be a bit confusing when you first start using it. Hopefully we can help you sort out some of the terminology and explain the different features so that you can get the full potential of social media. It’s not just a great way for responding to customer questions and concerns, it can also be a really powerful marketing and promotional tool. You do have to be careful though, using social media for personal reasons and using social media as a business are two very different things. You should keep opinions about sensitive subjects out of your business communications, and definitely don’t respond defensively or with insults to any customer criticism. We’ll go over how to deal with negative feedback on social media in a future blog post.